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Mary Baker Eddy: A Spiritual Journey – C. S. Harding Mott II Gallery

The C. S. Harding Mott II Gallery features the exhibit, “Mary Baker Eddy: A Spiritual Journey.” This exhibit traces major events of Mrs. Eddy’s life, from her girlhood in rural New Hampshire to her founding of the Church of Christ, Scientist. Her remarkable life history - a story of courage and triumph against tremendous odds - engages interest and respect, regardless of one’s religious background.

Patzlaff Gallery

The Patzlaff Gallery features the Baker Family exhibit, which draws on Longyear Museum’s unique extensive collection of documents and artifacts relating to Mary Baker Eddy’s family. Explore the qualities of this talented family and why Mrs. Eddy considered her early life an indispensable preparation for her discovery of Christian Science.

The Longyear Portrait Gallery

The Longyear Portrait Gallery houses changing thematic exhibits that draw from the Museum’s rich collection of portrait images, and currently features “Love, loyalty, and good works” — The Pleasant View Years. The exhibit looks at the fruitful years that Mary Baker Eddy spent at her beloved country home in Concord, New Hampshire, where she directed the growth of her Church and, with the aid of household workers and faithful students near and far, oversaw landmark steps for the Christian Science movement.