About the Historical Manuscripts Collection

Longyear Museum’s collection contains a variety of historical documents, papers, and manuscripts related to Mary Baker Eddy and the history of Christian Science. These materials include primary documentation on the individuals listed below. Some of these collections are extensive, while others are minimal. Longyear also has a widespread collection of secondary materials—some of them rare—concerning individuals not featured on this list.

If you would like to visit Longyear Museum and request permission to access any of these files, please contact Longyear by emailing research@longyear.org. Please include your name, telephone number, email address, and the reason for your research. Given the numerous projects and activities currently handled at Longyear, please send your request at least two weeks prior to your arrival. This will allow for appropriate review and preparation.

Reference Index

Allen, Frances

Andrews, Effie

Armstrong, Joseph

Atwood, Harriet G.

Babbitt, Eunice H.A.

Bagley Family

Bailey, Edward A. & Mrs.

Bailey, Joshua F.

Baker Family

Baker, Alfred E. & Anna White

Bancroft, Samuel Putney

Barry, George W.

Bartlett, Julia

Beauchamp, Allan A.

Beck, Herbert W.

Benford, Sarah E. & Eleonora

Betts, Harriet L.

Bishop, William J.

Blood, Cyrus

Bogue, Martha Harris

Bowers, Carlotta 

Brierly, James H.

Brown, Alice Seward

Buswell, Arthur True

Buswell, Elizabeth & Ezra M.

Campbell Family

Chandler, Sallie N.

Choate, Clara E. & George D.

Churchill, Alice Creighton

Clark, Ellen L.

Clark, Sarah J.

Coate, Lloyd

Coffman, William Curtis

Collins, Edward H. & Mary H.

Colman, Janet T. & Erwin L.

Cowan, Harriet S.

Crafts, Hiram S.

Crawford, Mary E.

Cross, Ellen

Crosse, Sarah H.

Curtis, Ethel Reid Draper

Curtis, Mary E. Harris

Darling, Albert E.

Dayton, Mary Alice

DeSoto, Minnie B. Hall Murphy

Dittemore, John V.

Doble, Helen I. Dadmun

Dresser, Julius A.

Dunbar, Herbert L. & Mary E.

Dunmore, Charles Adolphus Murray, Earl of Dunmore, & Gertrude, Countess of Dunmore

Eastaman, Joseph S. & Mary F.

Eaton, Mary F.

Eddy, Mary Baker

Ewing, Ruth B., William G., & Mary

Farlow Family

Fetzer, Dora S.

Field-King, Julia

Fisk, Winslow C. & Ernest

Fitzpatrick, Lida W.

Foster Eddy, Ebenezer J.

Foye, Mary E.

Frye, Calvin A. & Oscar H.P.

Gale, Hattie Stickney

Gilman, James F.

Gilmore, Albert F.

Gragg, Eldora O.

Grant, Richard Southall

Gray, Emma

Griffin, William A. & Abbie W.

Gross, Willis F. & Mary Ann

Gunther-Peterson, Bertha

Guthrie, Edith J.

Gyger, Caroline Foss

Haines, Phoebe L.

Hall, Lydia B.

Hanna Family

Harrison, Mary Hatch

Hatten, Thomas W.

Hill, Mary Eddy

Holmes, Lucy Wentworth

Howe, Charles M.

Jennings, Alice

Johnson Family

Jones, Elizabeth Earl

Jones, Harriet W.

Jordan, Lewis & Frances

Kennedy, Richard

Kidder, Daniel & John

Kimball, Edward A. 

Kimball, Lucretia H.

Kinter, George H. & Elizabeth L.

Knapp Family

Knott, Annie Macmillan

Lang, Alfred & Susie Marie

Lathrop, John C.

Longyear, Mary Beecher

Manley, Delia S. & Seabury T.

Mann, Frances Mack

Mann, Joseph G.

Mattox, Willard S.

McCance, Andrew

McKee, William E.

McKenzie Family

McKenzie, William P.

McLellan, Archibald

Meehan, Michael

Milledge, Thomas

Miller, Fredericka L. & William N.

Miller, Mary E.

Milmine, Georgine

Mims, Sue Harper

Neal, James A.

Neale, Alice E.

Newcomb, Maria B.C.

Newhall, George

Newman, Emma E.

Nichols, Mary Plumb

Norcross, Lanson P.

Norton, Carol

Norwood, Edward E.

Otis, Ann M.

Packard, Ira W. & Mary

Patterson, Daniel

Perkins, Emma F.

Phalen, Frank L.

Prescott, Julia E.

Rathvon, William R., Ella S. & Lora C.

Roberts, Jessie Hughes

Rust, R.S.

Ryan, John C. & Mary

Sargent Family

Saunders, Sallie A.

Sawyer Family

Schenk, Susan

Scott, Minnie

Seal, Frances Thurber

Serrao Family

Shannon, Clara M.

Shipman Family

Skinner, Elizabeth Pinckney

Spaulding, Melville Cox

Spofford, Daniel

Stetson, Augusta E.

Stewart, Allison V. & Ida G.

Stewart, Mary

Stewart. John H. & Isabella

Still, M. Adelaide

Stillings, Katherine E.

Stilson, Nancy

Stoltey, Elizabeth W.

Swasey, Samuel B. & Augusta Holmes

Sweet, Ella Peck

Thompson Family

Tilton, Alexander, Abigail Baker, & Family

Tomkins, George

Tomlinson, Irving & Mary

Troup, Ella L.

Vail, William T.

Wentworth, Alanson, Sally, & Family

Wilbur (Stone), Sibyl

Wilcox, Martha W.

Williams, Ella E.

Winkley, Ellen G.

Woodbury, Josephine C.