If you would enjoy reading any of the following reminiscences that are available in the Longyear library, but don't live close enough to the Museum to do so, please consider our Interlibrary Loan program.

Briefly stated:

  1. Select from 1 to a maximum of 3 reminiscences that you would like to read.
  2. Go to your local public library’s Interlibrary/reference department and have them initiate an Interlibrary request to Longyear for the reminiscence(s) you wish to see.
  3. Once the request is received from your public library, we will mail the reminiscence to that public library where it must be read and used (as non-circulating material) under the same stipulations that would apply at Longyear. Please read the policies and notes concerning these reminiscences.

Reminiscences Available

  • George Wendell ADAMS
  • Marie Morilia ADAMS
  • Mary M. W. ADAMS
  • Mary Lou ALDRICH
  • Harriet G. ATWOOD
  • Eunice Humphrey Allen BABBIT
  • Albert BAKER (Philosophical)
  • Albert BAKER (Political)
  • Caroline S. BATES
  • Edward P. BATES
  • Emma D. BEHAN
  • Sue Ella BRADSHAW
  • Ellen Elizabeth CROSS
  • Francis J. FLUNO
  • Phebe L. HAINES
  • Martin F. JACKSON
  • Edward Ancel KIMBALL
  • Annie M. KNOTT
  • John Carroll LATHROP
  • Lady Victoria MURRAY
  • Ella Peck SWEET
  • Elizabeth WEBSTER

Copying from unpublished reminiscences are not allowed, as these materials are bound by various legal restrictions.

Library’s Purpose

The books, manuscripts, pamphlets, and periodicals in the Library are made available so that those who are interested may learn more about the history of Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer, Founder, and Leader of Christian Science, and about her students.

Reminiscences in Context

When reading the manuscripts or reminiscences of the early workers, it should be remembered that some were written many years after the events described. They are accurate only according to each student's recollections and personal knowledge of events. There may be conflicting views or information in the various accounts of the same event. It is for this reason, and others, that we do not allow copying in the Library. We have not edited or altered any manuscript, but where there are obvious discrepancies, we have added supplementary information as an endnote or footnote, or have directly inserted necessary explanatory material in the text in square brackets.

We trust you will enjoy these materials and invite you to visit our museum and our historic houses located in Amesbury, Stoughton, Lynn, Chestnut Hill, and Swampscott, Massachusetts, and in Concord, North Groton and Rumney, New Hampshire. Please see Historic Houses for more information.