Mary Baker Eddy’s Last Class

Seventy students from near and far were invited to attend Mary Baker Eddy’s last class on Christian Science

Featured in Longyear’s Portrait Gallery from 2006-2016, this exhibit told the story of Mrs. Eddy’s 1898 class, which was the last formal class she taught. Titled Imparting a Fresh Impulse: Mary Baker Eddy Teaches the Class of 1898, this exhibit featured portraits, documents, photographs, and artifacts from Longyear’s collection, shown in images below.

Mrs. Eddy said that her work with this class “changed the character of the entire Field.” In November 1898, she invited seventy students to be present at Christian Science Hall in Concord, New Hampshire. On short notice, they came from near and far, some from overseas.

At the first session they were told: “You have been invited hither to receive from me one or more lessons on Christian Science…. This opportunity is designed to impart a fresh impulse to our spiritual attainments, the great need of which I daily discern.” Many students from this class would help carry the movement forward in the years to come.

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