A Search for Health. 1840s-1860s

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From the 1840s to the mid-1860s, she had sought to gain her health through various therapeutic theories of the day, including homeopathy, hydropathy, Graham’s dietary systems. Many self-professed “healers” were promoting pseudo-scientific cures in which medicine played no role.

In 1862 she responded to an advertising circular by one of these “healers,” Phineas P. Quimby of Portland, Maine. Under his treatment, her health improved markedly for a time.

At first, because of her strong faith in the Bible, Quimby’s practice reminded her of Gospel accounts of the way Jesus had healed “all manner of diseases.” But as with the other “cures” she had tried, the effect of Quimby’s treatments didn’t last.

Her experiments with these various theories did help to open her thinking to mental causation of physical ills. Combined with her study of the healings in the Bible, these experiences pointed her toward the spiritual discovery she would ultimately name Christian Science.

Recovery, “all through prayer.” 1866.