Mary Morse Baker of Bow, N.H. 1821.

On July 16, 1821, the girl who was to become known around the world as Mary Baker Eddy was born on a farm in Bow, New Hampshire. Mary was the youngest of the six children of Abigail and Mark Baker. Like her parents, Mary Baker was strongly religious and grew up a devoted reader of the Bible.

In 1836, when she was fourteen, the Bakers moved to Sanbornton (now Tilton). Mary’s older brother Albert, who graduated from Dartmouth College, often looked after her extensive reading and education at home. And she attended Sanbornton Academy when she was well.

But throughout her childhood and teenage years, she suffered from health so fragile that her family and friends feared she would not live to adulthood.

For directions to the site of the Baker homestead in Bow, click here.

Young wife, widow, mother. 1844.

Above: Baker farm at Bow, New Hampshire