Founding her church. Lynn, 1879

In the Church Manual the titles of Discoverer, Founder, and Leader are associated exclusively with Mary Baker Eddy. Mrs. Eddy founded the Christian Science movement and its church, leaning on her prayers for divine guidance.

As Leader, she led by face-to-face instruction and counsel, by organizational directive, by letters to her students and followers, and by example.

Broad St8 Broad Street, Lynn, Mass., 
ca. 1879, where Mrs. Eddy’s church was founded

In April 1879 in Lynn, Massachusetts, with barely a dozen members, the Christian Scientist Association voted to organize a church. Its purpose, Mrs. Eddy wrote later, was to “reinstate primitive Christianity and its lost element of healing.”*

Her first thought was to name it the Church of Christ. But to distinguish her church from other churches with that name she added a word of clarification in parentheses, and a few months later the state of Massachusetts granted a charter to the “Church of Christ (Scientist).”

The definitive steps in founding her Church would wait nearly fifteen years, until the 1890s.

* Mary Baker Eddy, Church Manual

Reorganizing her church. 1890s.