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Fall/Winter 2017 | Pages: 16

Featured: A Westward Wind: Christian Science Teaching Goes West, Part 1: Chicago
Also: Mrs. Eddy's Chestnut Hill artwork is coming home

Spring/Summer 2017 | Pages: 8

Featured: "Love, loyalty, and good works": The Pleasant View Years
Also: Behind the Scenes at the New Portrait Gallery / Another Great Day in Swampscott

Fall/Winter 2016 | Pages: 12

Featured: "Long live my fair neighbors": Mary Baker Eddy at the Concord State Fair
Also: New exhibit in the Longyear Portrait Gallery

Spring/Summer 2016 | Pages: 12

Featured: Preserving Mary Baker Eddy's Home: A Progress Report on 400 Beacon Street
Also: A Generous Gift Comes to Longyear / Talking to Teens about Mary Baker Eddy / "Follow and Rejoice" Film Tour

Fall/Winter 2015 | Pages: 12

Featured: "Follow and Rejoice" — Mary Baker Eddy: The Chestnut Hill Years
Also: Recognition for Lynn / Carrying on the Vision / Film Tour

Spring/Summer 2015 | Pages: 16

Featured: A Day's Work: Mark Baker's Ledger
Also: Longyear Receives Grant / A New Publication / A Look Inside Ellen Clark's Journal

Fall/Winter 2014 | Pages: 16

Featured: The Lynn Exhibit
Also: The Outreach and Development Team / The Class of 1898 Program / A Recent Acquisition

Spring/Summer 2014 | Pages: 16

Featured: Images of Thought: Artwork in Mrs. Eddy's Home
Also: A Thrilling Discovery in Lynn / Lending a Helping Hand: Mary E. Armstrong, C.S.D.

Fall/Winter 2013 | Pages: 16

Featured: Transformations at 8 Broad Street, Lynn
Also: June A. Austin, C.S., Retires / Recovering the Original / Interior Restoration

Spring/Summer 2013 | Pages: 16

Featured: "For Our Dear Cause": The 1897 Visit to Pleasant View
Also: "Upon Life's Shore" / Progress at Lynn / Tack Conservation