2017 Junior Class Trip

June 19, 2017

Last month, Longyear Museum was happy to once again welcome the Principia Upper School’s junior class. This year, the group learned the value of packing a rain coat — but also that being wet in Boston is better than being dry and in school! Spirits ran high despite the unpredictable weather, as the students and chaperones brought great enthusiasm to learning about the history of Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science on their five-day trip.

Marching through the rain in Bow.

The first stop was New Hampshire, where the group learned about Mrs. Eddy’s early years in Bow, her “wilderness” years in North Groton and Rumney, and finally her years of authority in Concord. In addition to sharing aspects of Mrs. Eddy’s spiritual journey with the students, the Longyear staff introduced several new light-hearted activities this year, such as crafting homemade journals from scraps of wallpaper and playing the kind of 19th-century games that Mrs. Eddy’s son Georgie would have played.


From New Hampshire, the group travelled south to Swampscott to learn about Mrs. Eddy’s landmark healing and subsequent discovery of Christian Science, then on to Lynn, where she laid the foundations of her church. After lunch at Red Rock, the students headed to Boston where they toured The Mother Church, met several members of the Christian Science Board of Directors, visited Asher House and, after a stop at Roxy’s food truck for gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches, attended the Wednesday evening testimony meeting.

On their final day with Longyear, the students explored Mrs. Eddy’s home in Chestnut Hill, learning about her leadership of the Christian Science movement, as well as the qualities of the household workers who supported her in her mission. They also spent time at the Museum, touring the galleries and visiting research stations manned by Longyear’s curatorial department. At the end of the day, the students had a gratitude session — always a highlight for our staff.

As a going-away gift, each student was given a one-year membership to Longyear. We hope the trip starts a life-long journey for them of learning about Mrs. Eddy’s life — and we hope to see them back at Longyear again soon! 


See forty more trip photos in our Facebook album.


Playing games in North Groton.

At The Mother Church in Boston.

In the restored kitchen at 400 Beacon Street.

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