2017 Interns Support Longyear

September 04, 2017

When school is out, the interns are in! Every summer, Longyear welcomes new and returning interns to the Museum. They are typically matched to a specific department based on their skills and interests, such as Education, Finance, and Development, but they are by no means limited to one area. Whatever needs doing, whether it be writing, photography, or staffing events, our interns have been sure to pitch in with an upbeat and willing attitude. Read on to find out how our two interns this summer greatly supported our work.  

Splitting his time between three departments, Oliver Simpson mastered the art of flexibility. His daily responsibilities included updating the donor relations database, creating content for our Instagram account, and writing articles for the Longyear website. As a result, he strengthened his writing skills and grew more comfortable working in an office environment. When asked about his favorite memories, he recalled having "wonderful moments laughing with colleagues." This fall, Oliver will return to the University of Alabama, where he is working towards a Masters in Journalism.

After graduating last spring from Principia College, Annelise Suber returned to Longyear this summer for her second internship. This summer she worked in our Collections and Visitor Services departments. If she was not helping at the front desk, she was either writing condition reports for recently donated artwork or adding records to our collection database. When asked about her time here, Annelise says she appreciated gaining a better understanding of the history of Mary Baker Eddy and Christian Science. Her favorite memory was when the interns went on a day-long field trip to the historic houses in Chestnut Hill, Lynn, and Swampscott.

A big thank you to Oliver and Annelise for their work this summer! If you are interested in interning at Longyear Museum, learn more here.

Annelise Suber and Oliver Simpson.

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