Longyear is always interested in sharing its work with those who reside outside of the New England area. Throughout the year, members of our Development team travel across the country to present various programs and updates from our latest projects.

If you would like to inquire about hosting a Longyear event in your community, please feel free to get in touch. Even if a Longyear representative is not able to visit you in person, we may be able to mail materials that will allow you to put on your own event.

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400 Beacon Street Restoration

Plans are underway to restore Mary Baker Eddy’s final home in Chestnut Hill, Mass. Watch a 20-minute overview of what has already been completed, and what remains to be done. The program includes the latest updates on the project.

Documentary Film Screening

Longyear has produced four feature-length documentaries about Mary Baker Eddy and the Christian Science movement. From her foundational years in Lynn to her final years in Chestnut Hill, this important history is brought to life in docudrama format.

The Class of 1898

After a hiatus in teaching, Mary Baker Eddy taught her last class in 1898 to a specially-selected group of 70 students. This program is both educational and interactive, making it a good option for Sunday School classes.

Lynn Restoration

From 2009-2014, Longyear restored Mary Baker Eddy’s first home in Lynn, Mass. Hear stories and discoveries from the multi-year project, which included extensive work on both the exterior and interior of the building.

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