For Children

  • All Natural Soap

    All-natural sheep bar soap makes a unique hostess gift!
    Price: $5
  • Busy Bee Paper Doll

    This paper doll and her dresses are reproduced from Longyear Museum's collection.
    Price: $5
    Exclusive On Sale
  • Children's Prayer Card

    Card of Maurine Campbell's "Evening" and "Morning" prayers
    Price: $3
  • Jewel: A Chapter in Her Life

    Journey back to the 19th century and meet Jewel, a lively, adventuresome, spiritually-minded girl. This century-old classic by Clara Louise Burnham is a tale of triumph over adversity that engages readers of all ages. A perfect read-aloud for ages 8 to 12. Great for book clubs!
    Price: $15
  • Lullaby for a Child

    by Doris Peel
    Price: $14.95
  • Musical Lamb

    This soft, cuddly lamb makes a perfect gift for a baby or young child. Consider giving this lamb to a family member, friend, or neighbor, or contribute it to a church Children's Room/Nursery for little ones to enjoy year-round.
    Price: $45
  • On Noah's Ark

    by Jan Brett
    Price: $7.99
  • Ox-Cart Man

    by Donald Hall
    Price: $7
  • Plaque - Big Children's Prayer

    This artwork is from an original scherenschnitte (scissors cutting) by Claudia Hopf of Kennebunk, Maine. A unique, thoughtful gift for loved ones.
    Price: $20
  • Plaque - Little Children's Prayer

    Brighten a loved one's home with this artwork from an original scherenschnitte (scissors cutting) by Claudia Hopf of Kennebunk, Maine.
    Price: $20
  • The Right Princess

    by Clara Louise Burnham
    Price: $28
  • Vintage Swan Photo

    Vintage photo of a mother swan gently ferrying her baby
    Price: $15
  • Come And See: The Life Of Mary Baker Eddy

    By Isabel Ferguson
    Price: $12
  • On the Way There

    In the "Christian Science Sentinel" of August 27, 1904, Mary Baker Eddy recommended this allegory by Katherine M. Yates “to all lovers of truth.” This slim volume makes a thoughtful gift.
    Price: $19