The House on Broad Street - BluRay


The house at 8 Broad Street, Lynn, is the first home that Mary Baker Eddy owned. The years in Lynn saw events of great historical and spiritual significance, including these milestones: Mrs. Eddy completed and published the first three editions of Science and Health; formed the Christian Scientists Association; chartered the Massachusetts Metaphysical College. It was in this house, also, that she became Mrs. Eddy. This film looks at Mrs. Eddy's far-reaching work to establish Christian Science while living in her modest home in Lynn.

The House on Broad Street was written and directed by Webster Lithgow, who also wrote and directed Onward and Upward Chain, Remember the Days of Old, and "Who Shall Be Called?"

The BluRay includes French, German, Portugues, Russian, Spanish, and English subtitles.

Length: 98 minutes

Also available on DVD


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