The History of Christianity

From Paths of Pioneer Christian Scientists: In 1888 Mary Baker Eddy asked her student, Annie M. Knott, to begin holding public church services in Detriot. To help prepare Mrs. Knott for preaching, Mrs. Eddy requested her to obtain several standard books on biblical topics, including Notes on the Parables of Our Lord and Notes on the Miracles of Our Lord, both by Richard Chenevis Trench, and The History of Christianity by John S.C. Abbott.

While biblical scholarship has progressed beyond these titles and many of their assumptions and conclusions have been superseded, these volumes influenced the biblical education of several generations.

Interestingly, Abbott's grandson, Willis Abbot, was a member of The Mother Church and became editor of The Christian Science Monitor in 1922. R. Chenevix Trench is the author of the text of Hymn 182 in the Christian Science Hymnal

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