Gifts of publicly traded appreciated corporate stock are gratefully accepted and used to support Longyear’s many mission-focused activities including the operations of the Museum.

How it works:

  • You call Longyear to inform the Development Office of the transfer of stock, and to request transfer instructions (800.278.9000 or 617.278.9000). You will be asked for the name of the security, the number of shares, and the date of transfer.
  • Please note that the tax benefit is derived from transferring the security directly to Longyear — not transferring the proceeds of stock that is sold.
  • You transfer securities to Longyear.
  • Longyear sells your securities and uses the proceeds for its mission-focused activities.

Benefits to the donor:

  • You receive an immediate tax deduction for the fair market value of the securities on the day they are transferred to Longyear.
  • Tax on capital gains on the securities will be lower than if you sold the securities by gifting them to Longyear.

Link to state-required disclosures