Mary Beecher Longyear established the Longyear Foundation to preserve the record of the life and work of Mary Baker Eddy and the early Christian Science movement. After discovering that documents and artifacts from Mrs. Eddy’s life were beginning to disappear, Mrs. Longyear made it her life’s work to find and preserve these important historic witnesses. Thanks to her efforts and the museum she founded, thousands of letters, objects, and eight of Mrs. Eddy’s former residences are helping to tell Mrs. Eddy’s story today and into the future. 

But Mrs. Longyear did not stop with collecting. She also set up a trust which would provide support to her museum for years to come. It is in honor of Mrs. Longyear’s dedication and foresight that we are happy to announce the newly created Mary Beecher Longyear Legacy Society.

Mrs. Longyear's Trust, along with endowment and investment income funded by other major donors, funds only about one-third of our annual operating costs. The remaining two-thirds comes from membership dues, donations, planned gifts, and bequests. The Mary Beecher Longyear Legacy Society recognizes those who have included Longyear in their estate plans or through a planned gift. Legacy Society members share Mrs. Longyear’s vision to preserve the historical record of Mrs. Eddy’s life for generations to come and have taken important steps to secure the future of Longyear Museum.

Including Longyear in your estate plans is a wonderful way to help further Longyear’s mission, and some planned giving opportunties may also provide you with a fixed income, reduce your taxable income, or reduce your capital gains taxes. (Click on the links below to learn more.)

Here are some of the ways you can become a member of the Mary Beecher Longyear Legacy Society.

  • Include a bequest to Longyear Museum in your will
  • Establish a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA)
  • Establish a Charitable Remainder UniTrust (CRT)
  • Establish a Charitable Lead Trust
  • Gift Retirement Assets

Legacy Society members will receive periodic “behind the scenes” updates on current activities at the Museum and new discoveries at the Mary Baker Eddy Historic Houses.

Mary Beecher Longyear founded Longyear Museum in 1922. Thanks to her efforts and the support of dedicated donors over the years, Longyear has been able to share the inspiring story of Mary Baker Eddy and the early Christian Science movement with countless visitors for nearly a century. Please consider including Longyear in your estate plans so the Museum may continue to share this important history with generations to come.

If you’ve already included Longyear Museum in your estate plans, please do let us know. We’d love to personally thank you for your generosity. And if you’d like more information on planned giving opportunities, please visit the Planned Giving section of our website, or talk to one of Longyear’s Development Officers, Ryan Siewert or Jared Eggers. They’d be happy to tell you more about the Mary Beecher Longyear Legacy Society, and how to become a member.

Midwest Development Officer Jared Eggers, 800.277.8943 ext. 225,

Senior Development Officer Ryan Siewert, 800.277.8943, ext. 250,