Albert F. Conant, C.S.

Portrait by Linn Ball. Gift of Mrs. Helene Conant Gross and Mrs. Elizabeth Conant DeSilva.


ALBERT F. CONANT was a gifted musician. As a young man, he attended Emerson College and a conservatory of music in New England. He was organist of The Mother Church for 13 years (1900-1912), composed the music for two of Mrs. Eddy’s poems and arranged another, and in 1906, supervised the installation of the organ in The Mother Church Extension. Around 1899, Albert recognized the need for a concordance to Science and Health, and after obtaining Mrs. Eddy’s approval, developed a plan to get that project started. The concordance took 18 months to complete and went on sale Annual Meeting day, June 30, 1903. A second edition was needed in 1908 to incorporate changes made by Mrs. Eddy to the textbook, and later the Christian Science Board of Directors asked Mr. Conant to compile another edition to include the 600 changes Mrs. Eddy had made after 1908. Lastly, he began a concordance to Mrs. Eddy’s other writings in 1912, which he completed in 1915. Albert and his wife, Laura C. Conant, moved to California in 1912, where Mr. Conant served as organist for First Church of Christ, Scientist, San Diego.

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