James A. Neal, C.S.D.

Portrait by Erik Haupt. Gift of James A. Neal Association.


JAMES A. NEAL was working as a clerk in Joseph Armstrong’s bank in Irving, Kansas, in 1886 when he first heard of Christian Science through the healing of Mrs. Armstrong. The following year, he took class instruction from Mr. Armstrong, who had been taught by Janet Colman. In May 1888, James entered Mrs. Colman’s class himself. After a year of remarkable healing work, he studied with Mrs. Eddy in her March Primary class of 1889 at the Massachusetts Metaphysical College. In January 1893, Mr. Neal joined the Christian Science Publishing Society to help publish Mrs. Eddy’s writings. He was reluctant to leave his practice for this work, consenting to do so only after learning that Mrs. Eddy had requested it. Five years later, he became one of the Trustees of the Publishing Society and was invited to attend Mrs. Eddy’s last class in November 1898. James Neal was appointed a member of the Christian Science Board of Directors in 1912, and later became a Trustee under the Will of Mary Baker Eddy. Two further Trusteeships followed — those of the Benevolent Association in 1916, and of Mrs. Eddy’s Pleasant View home in 1925.

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