Helen Andrews Nixon, C.S.D.

Portrait from life by Marion Boyd Allen. Original Longyear Collection.


HELEN ANDREWS NIXON, daughter of Bishop and Mrs. Edward Gayer Andrews, married William G. Nixon, a banker in Pierre, South Dakota. In 1888, she became interested in Christian Science and went to Des Moines, Iowa, to study its teachings. In spite of great opposition from family and neighbors, Helen and her husband were determined to pursue their study, and the next year the couple attended Mrs. Eddy’s March Primary class at the Massachusetts Metaphysical College. The following October, Mr. Nixon became Publisher of Mrs. Eddy’s writings, and while this was a period of trial, Mrs. Nixon never faltered in her loyalty to Mrs. Eddy and Christian Science. Helen Nixon was an active worker in the establishment of a church in Braintree, Massachusetts, where she was a charter member, and after attending a course under the Board of Education in 1900 she received the degree of C.S.D. and taught her first class in 1904. Later she lived in Boston, continuing to teach and practice there for a number of years.

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