Frances Mack Mann, C.S.B.

Portrait by Linn Ball. Gift of Frances Mack Mann Association.


FRANCES MACK MANN, a New England college graduate, was a public schoolteacher in Denver, Colorado, from 1883 to 1887. She was healed by reading Science and Health in 1888, and immediately commenced healing others with great success. Frances took Primary and Normal class from Ellen Brown Linscott, one of Mrs. Eddy’s students, and then began holding her own classes in June 1893. She was later invited to attend Mrs. Eddy’s final class in 1898. As a charter member of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Denver, Mrs. Mann served in many capacities and was also Committee on Publication for Colorado. She would write many articles for The Christian Science Journal and Christian Science Sentinel, and a group of her students successfully pioneered in distributing the Christian Science textbook and periodicals in charitable institutions and prisons.

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