Our collection contains a variety of historical documents, photographs, and artifacts related to Mary Baker Eddy and the history of Christian Science. The collection includes many “gems,” such as Baker family documents, reminiscences, and eight historic houses where Mrs. Eddy lived. Our staff strives to follow the highest standards of museum practice in the storage, care, and use of Longyear’s collection.

At this time, we are not accepting research requests. However, if you would like to schedule an on-site visit to the Museum to conduct your own research, please use the “contact us” button at the top of this page. Please send your request at least two weeks prior to your planned arrival. This will allow for appropriate review and preparation.


Research Aids

The resources below are intended to provide helpful reference aids. The links below provide facts for quick reference. To get to know many of the individuals in the early movement, explore the brief profiles in our online Pioneers Gallery.


To read a translation of Mary Baker Eddy’s biography and chronology, please click on the corresponding flag below:


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