2019 Annual Appeal Underway

Longyear staff in front of the Mary Baker Eddy Historic House in Amesbury, Massachusetts

Longyear Museum has touched thousands of visitors, readers, and viewers this year, even as we’ve been preserving and recording history for future generations. We’ve worked on a host of restoration projects, produced two new audiobooks (Life at 400 Beacon Street: Working in Mary Baker Eddy’s Household and Paths of Pioneer Christian Scientists), developed a new brochure about Mary Baker Eddy for our visitors, conducted educational programs and tours for children and adults, published original research and videos, given dozens of book talks, and much more.

All of these projects have been accomplished by a very special team: the Longyear staff and our generous members and friends! The staff includes researchers, writers, photographers, historic preservationists, collections professionals, educators, administrative and support staff, those on the visitor services team, and others. Like you, each member of the staff values Mrs. Eddy and her efforts for mankind and are grateful to be able to play a part in preserving our Leader’s history today — and for tomorrow.

To carry out their work, the staff receives essential support from the other part of this special team:  our members and friends. Generous contributions are needed to cover nearly two-thirds of our annual operating budget. Gifts to the Annual Appeal sustain Longyear’s work, including that significant line item: “staff salaries.”

 We couldn’t do this work without you! Thank you for considering a gift to this year’s Annual Appeal and thank you for your ongoing support of Longyear.

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