Marie Morilia Adams, C.S.D.


Portrait by Linn Ball. Longyear Museum Collection.

MARIE ADAMS devoted her life to Christian Science as a practitioner and teacher, and helped to establish First Church of Christ, Scientist, Utica, New York. Struggling with an illness that ended a brief teaching career, Miss Adams spent four winters hospitalized near her hometown in New York state. As she left the hospital to stay with her mother, her physician said, “We both know you can never be well, but come back in September, and we will do all we can to keep you comfortable.” She never returned to the hospital. After hearing about Christian Science from a friend, Miss Adams agreed to receive treatment. Quickly healed, she went on to receive class instruction, first from a Christian Science teacher in Syracuse, New York, and then from Mary Baker Eddy herself. In 1903, she received the degree of C.S.D. from the Board of Education of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston. Her students recounted the many fruits of her healing work. These included healings of irregular heart action, a nervous breakdown, abnormal growths, severe pain, and even deafness and vision issues—these latter two healings occurring for members of church congregations listening while Miss Adams read the Lesson-Sermon. Often described as loyal and kind, she was much loved by her students and quietly dedicated her life to Christian Science in her community.