George H. Allen

Portrait by Eben F. Comins. Original Longyear Collection.


GEORGE H. ALLEN, a native of Manchester, New Hampshire, served in the Civil War and at its end helped establish a paper-box factory in Lynn, Massachusetts, an important enterprise in a shoe-manufacturing town. In 1870, George became a student of Mary Baker Eddy (Mrs. Glover at the time), and actively defended his teacher two years later when Christian Science was attacked in a local newspaper. In the summer of 1875, he was one of eight students who banded together to financially support Mrs. Eddy’s first foray into preaching, at Templars Hall on Market Street in Lynn. While not a practicing Christian Scientist in later years, Mr. Allen’s early support of Mrs. Eddy in a time of need, his loyalty to her, and his contributions to the first public church services earn him a place among the pioneers in the Christian Science movement.

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