Edward H. Collins, C.S.D.

Portrait by Henry Read. Original Longyear Collection.


EDWARD H. COLLINS, was a successful and prominent citizen of Denver, Colorado, but he suffered for years from tuberculosis which the medical profession had been unable to cure. In 1886, he turned to Christian Science, having learned of it through the healing of blindness of Mary Hall, a Denver friend. Within three weeks of his healing, he and his wife entered a Primary class taught by Bradford Sherman, a pioneer worker and student of Mrs. Eddy in Chicago who, in response to an invitation from Mrs. Hall, conducted a class in Denver. In February 1887, Edward traveled to Boston to attend Normal class with Mrs. Eddy at the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, after which he immediately began healing and teaching. Edward Collins was one of the early practitioners and teachers in the Denver area, and he also taught in Ohio, Florida, and Illinois, at a time when teachers could hold classes wherever invited to do so.

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