Judge Septimus J. Hanna, C.S.D.

Portrait by I.M. Gaugengigl. Original Longyear Collection.


JUDGE SEPTIMUS J. HANNA of Leadville, Colorado, saw the beneficial effects of Christian Science on his wife’s health in 1886 and investigated the religion’s teachings for himself. Four years later, he abandoned his legal career to devote himself full time to serving the Cause of Christian Science. Called to Boston by Mrs. Eddy in 1892 to serve as Editor of The Christian Science Journal, he and his wife, Camilla, were periodically given private instruction by her. A year later, Mrs. Eddy chose Judge Hanna to read her address to the Parliament of Religions at the Chicago World’s Fair. In 1894, he was appointed Pastor of The Mother Church, and at the dedication of the Original Edifice on January 6, 1895, assumed the new office of First Reader. About that time, he was also appointed to the Bible Lesson Committee, but because of other commitments withdrew after two years. He relinquished his offices as First Reader and Editor in 1902 and was appointed to the Board of Lectureship, serving until 1914. He taught the Normal class under the Board of Education in 1907.

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