Camilla Hanna, C.S.D.

Portrait by Arthur Pahner. Gift of Association of Pupils of Judge Hanna.


CAMILLA HANNA was initially attracted to Christian Science in 1885 when friends from Council Bluffs, Iowa, her former home, told her about their healings. For a New Year’s gift in 1886, her father sent her a copy of Science and Health, and as she studied her own health was restored. At the close of the year, Camilla’s husband, Septimus J. Hanna, also became a serious student. In 1890, the couple attended the National Christian Scientist Association Convention in New York, and from there went to Scranton, Pennsylvania, where Judge Hanna had been invited to teach and preach. They remained there until 1892, when Mrs. Eddy asked Judge Hanna to come to Boston to serve as Editor of The Christian Science Journal. Later, Mrs. Hanna became Associate Editor, and was especially helpful to her husband when Mrs. Eddy launched the Christian Science Sentinel in 1898. Later that year, the Hannas attended Mrs. Eddy’s last class held at Christian Science Hall in Concord, New Hampshire, each receiving the degree of C.S.D. In 1902, they made their home in Colorado Springs, eventually moving to Pasadena, California, in 1911.

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