Marian White Hering, C.S.B.

Portrait by Emilie E. Hergenroder. Original Longyear Collection.


MARIAN WHITE HERING, born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, was trained as a kindergarten teacher, and taught briefly before her marriage in 1887 to Hermann S. Hering. After experiencing the beneficial effect of Christian Science, Marian had Primary class instruction from Mrs. Eddy’s student Ellen Cross. In 1893, she healed her husband of a chronic physical condition and encouraged him to study Science and Health. Mrs. Hering went on to become a Journal-listed Christian Science practitioner in 1897, and received the degree of C.S.B. in 1901. For almost 30 years, she accompanied Professor Hering on his Christian Science lecture tours, traveling to every continent except Asia. Eventually, Professor and Mrs. Hering settled in Concord, New Hampshire, where Mr. Hering served as First Reader and taught classes until his passing in 1940, after which Mrs. Hering undertook the care of his association.

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