Willard S. Mattox, C.S.B.

Portrait by Eben F. Comins. Original Longyear Collection.


WILLARD S. MATTOX was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, where his father was a prominent journalist. After graduating from the University of Cincinnati, Willard, too, became active in newspaper work. In 1897 he became a correspondent for an iron industry newspaper, as well as the European representative for one of the largest iron, coal, and coke firms in the United States. Willard returned to the U.S. in 1898, working as a reporter for the Hearst newspapers in New York. He became interested in Christian Science at this time because his mother had been healed through its teachings. He joined The Mother Church in 1899, took Primary class instruction in New York City, and later received Normal class instruction under the Board of Education. From then on, Mr. Mattox’s time was devoted entirely to Christian Science. He served as a practitioner and teacher, and as Committee on Publication for New York. In 1905, he was called to Boston to serve as Assistant to the Manager of the Committees on Publication. In this capacity, he was particularly active in connection with legislative work. He also assisted in preparing Sybil Wilbur’s The Life of Mary Baker Eddy for publication, the first biography of Mrs. Eddy ever written.

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