Annie Louise Robertson, C.S.B.

Portrait by Camille DuMond. Gift of Annie Louise Robertson Association.


ANNIE LOUISE ROBERTSON and her husband, Gilbert D. Robertson, were living in Germany when they first heard of Christian Science healing. Mrs. Robertson’s mother sent her a copy of Science and Health, and during the remaining years that she spent in Europe, Annie studied the book deeply. When the couple returned to the United States, both Mr. and Mrs. Robertson had Primary class instruction. Annie entered the public practice in 1892. She was invited to attend Mrs. Eddy’s last class in 1898, and was a member of an obstetrics class under the Board of Education in 1900. From 1899 to 1902 she served on the Board of Missionaries, a select group of experienced Christian Scientists provided for in the Church Manual at the time (1897-1909 editions) who were appointed to heal and teach wherever the Board of Directors felt there was a need. She was a Christian Science practitioner and teacher in Boston for many years.

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