Jennie E. Sawyer, C.S.D.

Portrait by Eben F. Comins. Original Longyear Collection.


JENNIE E. SAWYER immediately began to help others after experiencing the healing effects of Christian Science herself in 1883. Within a few months, she traveled with her husband, Silas J. Sawyer, from Milwaukee to Boston for Primary class instruction with Mrs. Eddy at the Massachusetts Metaphysical College. On their return, the couple began to spread the teachings of Christian Science, and Jennie soon became a successful practitioner. In 1884, she was a member of the only class Mrs. Eddy taught in Chicago, and studied with her again in 1886 in a Normal class in Boston. The Sawyers helped organize the Wisconsin Metaphysical Institute in Milwaukee, chartered for healing and educational purposes, and in 1899 were prime movers in the organization of a Church of Christ, Scientist, in that city. Their devotion to the work of healing and teaching helped to lay the foundation for the steady growth of Christian Science in Milwaukee.

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