Victoria Hortense Sargent, C.S.D.


Portrait by June Tabor. Original Longyear Collection.

VICTORIA HORTENSE SARGENT became interested in Christian Science after her younger sister, Laura Sargent, was healed of semi-invalidism in 1883. In December 1884, the two sisters journeyed to Boston to take Primary class from Mrs. Eddy at the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, and upon their return home to Oconto, Wisconsin, worked diligently to establish Christian Science there. Victoria and Laura actively supported the building of the Oconto church, which was dedicated in February 1887 and was the first edifice in the world built for Christian Science services. After returning to Boston in October 1886 to take Normal class, Victoria began advertising as a Christian Science practitioner and teacher in Oconto in November 1888. She proved to be a very effective practitioner and teacher, and prepared many students to work for the Cause of Christian Science. Victoria served as First Reader of the Oconto church from 1889 to 1894, and as Second Reader at the nearby Green Bay church from 1899 through 1902. During these years, she kept in close touch with her sister, who started working in Mrs. Eddy’s household in 1890. Victoria herself would be called to Mrs. Eddy’s home on occasion to visit and to lend metaphysical support. Victoria visited her sister, who had become custodian of Mrs. Eddy’s Chestnut Hill home in 1910, and after Laura’s passing, Victoria was assigned the task of caretaker. She served faithfully in this capacity from 1915 until her own passing in 1930.

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