Dr. Ella Lance Willis, C.S.B.

Portrait by I. M. Gaugengigl. Original Longyear Collection.


ELLA LANCE WILLIS was the daughter of a Vermont farmer.  She graduated from medical college in 1897, became a physician, and while practicing in Lorain, Ohio, was introduced to Christian Science and loaned a copy of Science and Health. Through her growing understanding of Christian Science, Dr. Lance contributed to and witnessed the healing of a dying patient. This awakened her to the power of metaphysical healing, and soon she was advertising as a practitioner in The Christian Science Journal. Ella had Primary class instruction in 1898 with Emilie Hulin, one of Mrs. Eddy’s students, and in 1900 married John B. Willis, who was also active in the Christian Science movement. During the years of their marriage, the couple worked closely together to further the Cause of Christian Science. In 1901, Mrs. Willis had Normal class under the Christian Science Board of Education and became a teacher. In 1904, Mrs. Eddy called Ella Willis to Pleasant View, where she served for a year. In 1930, she moved from Boston to Washington, D.C., where she continued her work as a practitioner and teacher for the next 21 years

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