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A Message from Longyear’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees

Friends, as 2018 comes to a close, the Trustees and staff of Longyear Museum have much to be grateful for. At the top of our “gratitude list” is the opportunity to be learning more about Mary Baker Eddy as we go about our daily activities for Longyear.

A highlight of the year has been the completion of a new book from Longyear Museum Press, Life at 400 Beacon Street: Working in Mary Baker Eddy’s Household by Heather Vogel Frederick, which will be available in the Museum Store in January. The book is about a family of workers brought together for a common purpose: to support the Cause of Christian Science by serving its Leader.

One passage from the book that has especially resonated with me is from the last chapter. It’s a comment by William Rathvon, who served at 400 Beacon Street for two years as a corresponding secretary. His words seem to summarize Longyear’s mission:

It will not be so many years before a new generation of Christian Scientist will be active in our Cause. The days and doings of our Leader may seem to them but a shade less remote than the times of our Master, if we do not awaken to the part we have mentally and materially in keeping her memory green and her achievements fresh in the minds of those who follow.

Keeping our Leader’s “memory green and her achievements fresh” is at the heart of all we do, and it is both a joy and a privilege to be active in this work.

As a supporter, you play an important role at Longyear. Income from our endowment and investments provides less than 50% of the funds needed each year to operate the Museum and the Mary Baker Eddy Historic Houses. Gifts from our members and friends are vital to carrying on our work.

Thank you for considering a year-end gift to Longyear. Together we are helping to keep Mrs. Eddy’s “memory green and her achievements fresh” so that her life and work will be more widely recognized and valued.


Carla Stillman, Chairman
Longyear Board of Trustees

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