Joseph Armstrong, C.S.D.

Portrait by John Young-Hunter. Original Longyear Collection.


JOSEPH ARMSTRONG, a successful businessman and banker from Irving, Kansas, learned of Christian Science when his wife, Mary, was healed by a Christian Science practitioner in 1886. The couple studied with Mrs. Eddy’s student Janet Colman in Beatrice, Nebraska, in November of that year, and in 1887, Joseph traveled to Boston for Primary class instruction with Mrs. Eddy herself, after which he gave up banking for the full-time practice of Christian Science. Mr. Armstrong would return to the Massachusetts Metaphysical College twice for further instruction, including Normal class in May 1889, before Mrs. Eddy finally called him to Boston for good in 1892 to become publisher of the Christian Science periodicals. Four years later, he was publisher of all her writings, a position he held until 1907. Joseph Armstrong became a member of the Christian Science Board of Directors in 1893, and was placed in charge of building the Original Edifice of The Mother Church. He recorded that experience in his book, The Mother Church.

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