Mary Melissa Hall, C.S.

Portrait by Henry Read. Original Longyear Collection.


MARY MELISSA HALL, born to Quaker parents, moved to Colorado with her husband and two children in 1860. Soon after arriving in Colorado, her husband deserted her, taking their two children with him. She was subsequently divorced. A few years later, Mary wed Charles L. Hall, who became a successful prospector and rancher, and eventually the family moved to Denver. In 1884, Mrs. Hall became blind and then severely injured her foot. For a year and a half, she could neither see nor walk. Seeking more advanced medical treatment, she and her two daughters, Minnie and Nettie, left Denver for New York in 1885. While en route they stopped in Chicago, met an acquaintance who had been successfully treated by Christian Science, and appealed to practitioner Roger Sherman for treatment. At the end of three months, Mrs. Hall’s sight was restored and she soon could walk freely. She and her daughters had class instruction with Bradford Sherman, Roger’s father, and then returned home to Denver. The healing of this well-known Denver resident attracted wide attention, and Mary Melissa Hall and her daughters contributed greatly to the establishment of Christian Science in the Denver area.

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