Emilie B. Hulin, C.S.D.

Portrait by Susan Ricker Knox. Original Longyear Collection.


EMILIE B. HULIN, a young student of Christian Science from Brooklyn, New York, attended the Third Convention of the National Christian Scientist Association in Chicago in 1888. On June 13, she heard Mrs. Eddy’s address, “Science and the Senses” (Miscellaneous Writings, 98-106), given in Central Music Hall, and recorded the healing of a woman on crutches. The following November, Emilie studied with Mrs. Eddy, became a listed practitioner in 1890, and for many years taught and practiced in Brooklyn. Mrs. Eddy frequently called her to Pleasant View, and Mrs. Hulin was one of 20 elected as First Members in September 1892 at the organizational meeting of The First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Boston. In 1923, Emilie Hulin was appointed Vice President of the Christian Science Board of Education, and two years later she taught the Normal class under its auspices.

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