William B. Johnson, C.S.D.

Portrait by John Young Hunter. Original Longyear Collection.


WILLIAM B. JOHNSON was healed by Christian Science of disabilities incurred during the Civil War. He had class instruction in 1884 with Mrs. Eddy, and soon after became a member of the Church of Christ, Scientist, established by her in 1879. In 1888, he was a member of the Board of Directors of this early church, and the following year became Clerk, continuing in this office during the period of the informal association which followed the disorganization of the Church of 1879. He proved to be one of Mrs. Eddy’s most trusted workers, and when the church reorganized in September 1892, William was appointed Clerk of The Mother Church and a member of the four-man Christian Science Board of Directors. Mr. Johnson continued to serve in those capacities until 1909. His long years of service included membership on the first Bible Lesson Committee in 1890, and on the committee formed to prepare a Christian Science hymnal. He was also involved in building the Original Edifice of The Mother Church. In 1909, William Johnson retired from the Board to give his full time to the practice of Christian Science.

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