George H. Kinter, C.S.B.

Portrait from life by Max Bohm. Original Longyear Collection.


GEORGE H. KINTER, son of a Pennsylvania farmer, suffered from ill-health which interfered with his education. Eventually, he achieved success in the railroad business, working first in Detroit, Michigan, and later in Buffalo, New York, but illness continued to plague him. After his mother-in-law was healed by Christian Science, George too experienced complete recovery in 1887 by reading the copy of Science and Health that she had lent him. Three years later, he entered the practice of Christian Science and was active in the local church in Buffalo. In 1901, as local correspondent to the Committee on Publication for New York, he was watchful over proposed legislation directed against the practice of Christian Science, and exhibited a great deal of patience and tenacity when in debate. Mr. Kinter had Normal class under the Christian Science Board of Education in 1901, which qualified him as a teacher, but in 1903 he was called by Mrs. Eddy to Pleasant View, where he served for 15 months and on several other occasions. Later, the Kinters moved to Chicago, where George Kinter began teaching in 1906.

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