Lady Langford, C.S.

Portrait by John Grey of Saxmundham. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. V.J. Packer.


LADY LANGFORD was the Honorable Mabel Maud Legh before her marriage to Major the Honorable William Rowley, who succeeded to the peerage in 1923 and earned the title Lord Langford. In 1899, Mabel was one of the early Christian Science students in England who helped to establish First Church of Christ, Scientist, London. She went on to serve in many branch church offices, including First Reader. She was also in the public practice of Christian Science for many years, and went to Boston in 1908 to take class instruction from Edward A. Kimball. In 1959, Lady Langford became a member of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Haywards Heath, in England, and by the time she passed on in 1966 at the age of 102, she had devoted over 65 years to serving the Cause of Christian Science.

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