Julia E. Prescott, C.S.D.

Portrait from life by Eben F. Comins. Original Longyear Collection.


JULIA E. PRESCOTT, born in North Berwick, Maine, attended public school there and later an academy in South Berwick. She was also a student at a Seminary for Young Ladies in Woodstock, Vermont, her chief interest being music. In March 1885, Julia and her husband moved to Reading, Massachusetts, and a few months later she heard of Christian Science. The healing of their four-year-old son, who had been ill for two years, and her own healing of what she designated as “incurable troubles,” resulted through Christian Science treatment and her own persistent study of Science and Health. In 1886, Mrs. Prescott studied with Mrs. Eddy at the Massachusetts Metaphysical College, but did not begin to teach until 1899, when the growing Christian Science movement in Reading made plain the need for instruction. By uniting with other Christian Scientists in the area, Mrs. Prescott helped to organize First Church of Christ, Scientist, Reading, which was dedicated in 1914. Julia Prescott was invited several times by Mrs. Eddy to stay at Pleasant View, her home in Concord, New Hampshire.

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