Ella S. Rathvon, C.S.B

Portrait by Virginia W. Emmons. Gift of Mrs. Lora C. Rathvon.


ELLA S. RATHVON was married in 1883 to William R. Rathvon, a businessman from Colorado. The couple learned of Christian Science during a sojourn in Chicago in 1893, and while there had class instruction with Mary W. Adams, a student of Mrs. Eddy’s. The following year, the Rathvons returned to Colorado, making their home first in Florence, where William had been sent by his company and where they were both helpful in establishing Christian Science. The Rathvons then moved to Boulder, where Ella devoted her time to the practice of Christian Science. She had further instruction under the Board of Education in 1903, and received the degree of C.S.B. After her husband went to serve in Mrs. Eddy’s household at Chestnut Hill in the fall of 1908, Mrs. Rathvon continued her practice in Boulder. She moved to Newton, Massachusetts, in 1909 to be closer to William, and was soon invited to serve in Mrs. Eddy’s Chestnut Hill home, too, remaining there until after Mrs. Eddy’s passing in 1910. The couple then returned to Colorado. William’s appointment to the Christian Science Board of Directors in 1918 brought them back to Boston, where Ella continued her healing work until 1923.

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