Effie J. Sherwood, C.S.B.

Portrait by Arthur W. Palmer. Gift of the Association of Students of Christian Science of Mrs. Effie J. Sherwood, C.S.B.


EFFIE J. SHERWOOD came into Christian Science as a result of the healing of her mother. She and her husband, James D. Sherwood, had Primary class instruction with Mrs. Eddy’s student Ruth Ewing, who taught the class in the Sherwood’s home in Galveston, Texas. The Sherwoods then entered the public practice of Christian Science, and were active in the formation of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Galveston. The couple had Normal class instruction in 1899 and became teachers of Christian Science. At Mrs. Eddy’s request, the Sherwoods moved to New Hampshire in 1899, and on occasion visited her at Pleasant View. After their return to Texas in 1901, they served as Readers in a branch church in Houston. The Sherwoods were co-teachers of classes in Christian Science until the Manual of The Mother Church required that only one member of a married couple could teach annually. Mr. Sherwood then taught, though Mrs. Sherwood retained her status as a teacher. After her husband’s passing, Effie Sherwood began teaching classes of her own and had her own association of students. Later she moved to Los Angeles and, beginning in 1927, held her classes in that city.

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