E. Blanche Ward, C.S.B.

Portrait by Eileen Ayrton. Gift of E. Blanche Ward Association.


E. BLANCHE WARD, an Englishwoman, first heard of Christian Science in 1889 while living in New York. She had Primary class instruction there in 1890, and the following year returned to Belfast, Ireland, where she held informal talks on Christian Science in her home. For a time, Blanche resided near Liverpool, England, but went again to Boston in December 1892 for a five-month visit, during which time she received additional Christian Science instruction. Mrs. Ward returned to England in 1893, settling in Bedford where she became a practitioner. In 1894 she moved to London. She began holding private Christian Science services in her home, but at Mrs. Eddy’s recommendation, public services were commenced early in 1896. In 1898, Blanche Ward visited Mrs. Eddy, and in 1899 she attended the first Normal class taught under the Christian Science Board of Education. She worked in London, healing and teaching until 1954.

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