Martha W. Wilcox, C.S.B.

Portrait by Dwight Roberts. Gift of Martha W. Wilcox Association.


MARTHA W. WILCOX, who worked for many years as a schoolteacher in Kansas, traveled with her husband to Kansas City, Missouri, in 1902, in search of medical help for his illness. When a business matter led her to the clerk of the Kansas City School Board, he suggested they try Christian Science and gave her a copy of Science and Health. Although her husband was not interested, Martha was healed of a long-standing malady and soon joined Second Church of Christ, Scientist, Kansas City. She had Primary class instruction in February 1903, and five years later, in 1908, she was invited to serve in Mrs. Eddy’s household in Chestnut Hill. Mrs. Wilcox remained there, working on and off for about two and a half years, until Mrs. Eddy recommended that she enter the December 1910 Normal class. Early in 1911, Martha Wilcox’s name appeared in The Christian Science Journal as a teacher and practitioner in Kansas City, Missouri. She would serve the Cause of Christian Science for 36 years.

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