Martha Harris Bogue, C.S.D.

Portrait by George H. Barrett. Original Longyear Collection.


MARTHA HARRIS BOGUE of Michigan was reared by an aunt after her mother passed on, and later by her stepmother who, having been a teacher, prepared her for college and a teaching career. After teaching briefly, Martha married Charles Bogue, an Albion, Michigan, merchant. She turned to Christian Science in 1886 at a time of great despair — physicians had pronounced her condition fatal. Healed by studying Science and Health, in 1887 she had class instruction with two of Mrs. Eddy’s students, Elizabeth Webster and Mary Adams (common practice in the early days of the Christian Science movement), and joined them in working to further the growth of Christian Science in Chicago. Mrs. Bogue attended Mrs. Eddy’s Primary class in 1888, her Normal class in 1889, and began teaching classes herself in 1891. She was a dedicated practitioner and a charter member of First Church of Christ, Scientist, Chicago, where she served in many capacities, including as Reader.

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