Abigail Dyer Thompson, C.S.B.

Portrait from life by Elizabeth Piutti-Barth. Original Longyear Collection.


ABIGAIL DYER THOMPSON, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, was just a child when she accompanied her mother, Emma A. Thompson, an early student of Mrs. Eddy’s, on her visits to Boston. On two occasions in the late 1880s, the little girl, who had always been a frail child, was healed through the prayerful work of Mrs. Eddy. As a result of these healings, there was a closeness between Abigail and Mrs. Eddy, and when Abigail visited in later years, the two discussed questions that arose from the Christian Science activities she was involved with in Minneapolis. Miss Thompson attended Mrs. Eddy’s final class in 1898, and taught and practiced in Minneapolis, where she was active alongside her mother in the organization and growth of Second Church of Christ, Scientist. In 1942, Abigail Thompson gave an address at the Annual Meeting of The Mother Church, in which she shared many of her recollections of Mrs. Eddy.

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