August Website Wrap-up

What’s new on the website this month?

In case you missed it, a brand-new research article was posted earlier this month that profiles former Indiana Attorney General Clarence Buskirk, an able lawyer, eloquent writer, and gifted speaker who left his law career behind to serve the Cause of Christian Science. Click here to read it.

Meanwhile, as we continue to migrate historical research articles and videos from our old website archives onto the new website, we’ll alert you to these updates. The month of August saw a number of additions to the new Research Archive from our treasure trove of older gems, including an article on Christian Science Civil War Veterans that was first published last fall. It looks at five individuals who served in the Civil War, and who later went on to serve the Cause of Christian Science.

Left to right: Septimus Hanna, John Linscott, Erastus Bates, William Johnson, Lanson Norcross

A companion to this article, “Comrades-in-Arms: George and Old Abe,” focuses on Mrs. Eddy’s soldier son George, who fought with the Wisconsin 8th Volunteer Infantry and was wounded at the Battle of Corinth.

George Washington Glover II

You also may enjoy reading about Mrs. Eddy’s friendship with poet John Greenleaf Whittier, or watching a video clip about her move to Chestnut Hill in January 1908.

Stay tuned next month for another update on what’s new on the website!