Dr. John M. Tutt, C.S.B.

Portrait by Dwight Roberts. Gift of Association of Pupils of Dr. John M. Tutt.


DR. JOHN M. TUTT began his career in Kansas City, Missouri, as a medical doctor, having received his M.D. degree in 1901 from University Medical College, Kansas City. In 1905, he experienced physical healing and mental regeneration through reading Science and Health, and for the next 60 years would devote his life to the Christian Science movement. While in Boston in 1906, Dr. Tutt had an opportunity to assist Mrs. Eddy, and in return received a note of gratitude from her. He had Primary class in 1912, and Normal class under the Christian Science Board of Education in 1916. He first advertised as a practitioner in Kansas City in The Christian Science Journal of October 1912, and served as Committee on Publication for Missouri from 1915 to 1918. Dr. Tutt became an authorized Christian Science teacher in 1916, and taught through 1965. He was appointed to the Christian Science Board of Lectureship in 1918, and lectured for about 24 years. He also taught the Normal class in 1943, contributed widely to the Christian Science periodicals, and participated in a number of Christian Science television and radio programs, as those media were initially launched.

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